Abdelmonam Kouka

BP 129 Parc des technologies et de la communication - 2088 Cité La Gazelle - Ariana - Tunisia
(+216) 29 48 44 25
36 years old

IP/MPLS Field Support Engineer


Apply my later acquired experiences in new domains.

Acquire new experiments to widen the range of my engineer's career.

Be responsible of setting up new activities for international Companies.

Professional Experiences

IP/MPLS Field Support Engineer

Alcatel-Lucent Tunisia

Since March 2011
Parc des technologies de la communication - Cite La Gazelle Ariana - Tunisia

I work as a network support engineer at Alcatel-Lucent. My responsibility is to provide field and remote technical support, installation supervisioning, integration & acceptance for the Tunisiana network projects.(IP/MPLS)

- IP/MPLS Technical Support @ Tunisiana
- Comissioning, configuring and upgrading of 7750 SR series
- Support for customer, site configurations and site deployments.
- Technical support 7750 SR-12, SR-7 and SR-c12 devices for Tunisiana IP/MPLS project.
- 5620 SAM

Java/JEE R&D Engineer - CSA team

Alcatel-Lucent Tunisia

From July 2008 Till March 2011
Parc des technologies de la communication - Cite La Gazelle Ariana - Tunisia

CSA team (Convergent Security Asset) : Participate in realization of new generation of security components with collaboration of Bell labs (Madrid unit)

  • Configuration & administration of Alcatel-Lucent solution for authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA).
  • Analyze, development and tracking of new features that concerns the evolution of CSA server.
  • Porting of CSA server on different platforms: Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX.
  • Draft technical documents (User Manuel, Detailed System Architecture Specification, Weekly reporting, System test Plan, JavaDoc).
  • Development and execution of unit tests (JUnits).
  • Bug correction.

Key Words: UML, JAVA/JEE (EJB 2.1, MBeans, JUnits), Jboss, LDAP, ClearCase, ClearQuest.

Java/JEE R&D Engineer


From April Till June 2008
Les Berges du Lac Tunis - Tunisia

Integration of Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) Project: Study, integration and administration of the groupware Zimbra within Yatinoo.

Temporary university teacher

National School of Computer Science (ENSI), Tunis, Tunisia:

From February Till June 2008
Manouba - Tunisia

(in parallel with my work at HR Access and then at Yatinoo)

Temporary university teacher at the National School of Computer Science(ENSI), Tunis, Tunisia:

I gave the course and I animated the TP of the "Development environment" module (C and Java languages) to students from the first grade of engineering studies.

Computer engineer at HR Access Tunisia International :

HR Access

From August 2007 Till March 2008
Les Berges du Lac Tunis - Tunisia
  • Training on all HR Access modules (7 weeks).

  • Development French public sector:

    • "Quality Assurance" team (2 months) :

      • Ergonomics (Maquettages Web)

      • Processing (COBOL, PACBASE)

    • "Migration to version 7 of HR Access" team (4 months) :

      • Comparative study between the versions of HR Access

      • Design of development

      • Development of the migration programs

      • Delivery of developments

End of studies project at Picosoft.


From February Till June 2007
Parc Technologique des Communications - Ariana - Tunisia

Conception and implementation of a flexible (extensible) workshop allowing capturing, processing and routing documents.

Tools: Java 5, API JGraph, XML, XPATH, Eclipse 3.2, VE-SDK-1.2.3

Put in production: Design and implementation of a Java application based on this project, which allows sending fax received by ZitaFax via mail using two modes: SMTP and Lotus Notes.

Educational Background

Master’s Degree in Free and Open Source Software

High Institute of Computer Science (ISI), Ariana, Tunisia.

November 2010
Ariana - Tunisia

Master’s Degree in Information Security

National School of Computer Science (ENSI), Tunis, Tunisia.

May 2009
Manouba - Tunisia

Engineering degree in Computer Sciences

National School of Computer Science (ENSI), Tunis, Tunisia.

June 2007
Manouba - Tunisia


IP/MPLS skills:

Protocols & Services: VPLS, RSVP-TE, EPIPE, VPRN.

Equipments and Tools: Alcatel-Lucent (7750 SR family, 5620 SAM).

Java/JEE skills:

EJB, JMX, RMI, JMS, JUnits, Ant, JBoss, Eclipse, Swing.

Information Security skills:

  • Security information audit

  • Security of Web oriented services, applications, computer networks, operating systems, information systems, databases…

  • Cryptography elements

  • Diagnostic Network tools

  • Intrusion Detection Systems


Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS): development, integration and management.

HR Access knowledge:

  • Using batch chains.

  • Maquettages Web

  • COBOL, PACBASE processing

Operating Systems :

  • Windows: 98/2000 NT/XP


  • GNU/LINUX: Debian, Mandrake, Mandriva, RedHat, Fedora, Suse, Ubuntu…

Programming languages:



Notions of Administration of ORACLE 8i, ORACLE 9i, MySQL, ACCESS.


LAN, Ethernet, Internet, Intranet, Grid Computing, DNS, VPN, IPTables


Ubiquitous Computing:

Client/Server model (Sockets), RPC, RMI.

Web development:

CMS (Content Management System), Wiki, PHP, JSP/SERVELET, HTML,

CSS, SVG, SMIL, XML, JAVAscript, Dreamweaver, FlashMX, Front Page.

  • CMS: Mambo, Joomla.

  • Wiki: DokuWiki

Development platforms :

Initiation to JEE, Lotus Notes/Domino, HR Studio.

Software engineering tools:

UML, initiation to Design Patterns.


PIC 16F84

Scientific typesetting system:




Native language





Personal Interests

Community involvement: active member of:

  • Digital Free Software Association DFSA

  • Ubuntu-tn: ubuntu Tunisian LocoTeam
  • Free Software Users Tunisian Club (Le Club des Utilisateurs des Logiciels Libres en Tunisie CULLT).

  • Tunisian Java User Group (TeeJUG).

Others interests:

  • Physics sciences.

  • Psychology and personal development (Neural Linguistic Programming NLP).

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